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Gain a Marketing Edge by Design

You can gain an important marketing edge in your web strategy, simply by the way you design your website and present your message.

New visitors to your site will allow you about 3 seconds on average, to gain their attention. Can your site do that? Answer is of course, yes. Successful sites immediately give viewers what they are searching for. This is found in the search words they use to find your site. Find and study these search words in your site reports.

Once you attract a visitor's attention, craft your message so that it is short, clear, and correct: grammar, punctuation, promises, etc. Always remember - less is more. So rewrite to shorten and always eliminate passive voice such as, "We hope that you will consider trying our survey." Instead write "Try Our Survey!"

Restrict text to three-line paragraphs ending in a Read More link when needed. Use brief videos, moving still photos that transitions one to another, and audios click-and-listen. Avoid auto plays that can be annoying on the third visit.

Use a narrow format (for mobile devices) with little or no scrolling.

SHORT FORM - "A - T - P"

Attract first time visitors with immediate presentation of what they are searching for.
Tease their curiosity with short phrases, quick 15 - 30 second videos and/or audios, that lead them to more of what they are searching for, and

Promise that when they take an easy action step, (join a private non-spam email list or subscribe to your RSS) they get more of what they are searching for.

Make it fun! (Attract, Tease, Promise - note similarities with dating).

Gain an edge simply by design - 1) design the look - 2) design the message - 3) make it easy and straight to the point.