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DFW Business Network

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Monthly networking events in Lewisville, Texas, serving the businesses and entrepreneurs in Dallas / Ft. Worth areas with workshops and tips on marketing, Internet, and PR tips.

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DFW Business Network helps business owners and CEOs focus on their marketing strengths and areas of weakness; and where both of these are trending. 

We begin with a results-oriented examination of strengths that are trending up and strengths trending down.  The same for areas of weakness and trends.  The end result is a game plan that enhances strengths and reduces weakness.

Once we focus on these trends, you establish goals that are only slightly out of reach for both advancing strengths and reducing weakness.  You implement procedures that are feasible in reaching realistic goals.  You set dates and track results.  As you chalk-up goals, set new ones without altering the formula.

One area most effecting company dynamics that you can control is marketing.  The dollar-for-dollar leveraging of creative web marketing over traditional methods needs to be maximized; it should not be an "add-on".  

Design and implement a marketing strategy that avoids obsolete web tactics and uses the latest approaches, uses Internet PR, 360 panoramic tours on Google, web news media that utilizes the dominant role of hand held devices.  Put your business in the hands of the very people who are searching for what you do.

New marketing initiatives maximize the leverage of the latest technology and how people stay in touch with the business world and with each other; two worlds that are more and more becoming one.  Put you expertise out front and in this market place.

We welcome your comments.  Contact is the news site of the DFW Business Network.

DFW Business Network helps business owners and CEOs respond to fast-moving changes in both consumer trends and trends in technology.  We help you stay ahead of the curve called "...what my competitors are already thinking about doing."


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